New Years Fishing Report

The tip of the iceberg, as we discussed in our last post, turned out to be true this week. Despite weather conditions with immense amounts of rain, we completed every trip and did not have to cancel any. This did, however, limit us to the spots we could fish as many options were blown out. Even so we had some really great trips. Early in the week we had an epic day with a regular around KC Outfitters, Blake Howard. The fishing stayed consistent all day with high numbers of fish and a couple of really big ones as well. Through the middle of the week as the weather began to shift a lot the fish would get more temperamental, but you just had to be willing to change flies a lot and you could still pick them up. When it did get tougher I found it was key to just slow the tempo of the trip down, find your confidence spots where you know there are fish and just start switching flies, changing depths, and tippet size as well. Don't keep just blowing through water where you know there are fish, slow down, be patient, be observant, and adjust from there. Sure there are times when it's flat out tough, but many times you can figure something out to put a fish in the boat. Some days can be made with just one big fish, so don't lose confidence, stick to your program and normally something good will happen.

For the most part we were able to get away with 5x a lot of the week or even 4x throughout the end of the week with all the rainy and cloudy weather. Tuesday the water was still clear and we did drop down to 6x, which seemed to be the best option. There were some small black stoneflies hatching and seen some sparatic blue wing olives out as well. When fishing would get tough or you just weren't getting bites like you thought you should, we started going to some smaller soft hackle flies on 6x and would dead drift them through runs while letting them lift up off of the bottome into a slow swing at the tailout and that turned out ot be a pretty productive method. Traffic on the river was pretty low given the holliday's, seemed that weather had a lot of people staying in.

Overall given the limited options of where you could fish it was a really solid week of fishing. Today it was on fire, with a beedless soft hackle pheasant tail being our best bug by far. We were doubling and even tripling up at times. So the tip of the ice berg is here the fishing is certainly very good right now and it's going to continue to just keeep getting better. With the temperatures hitting the low 70's we almost got a peak into spring fishing today and if that's any indicator of how it's going to be this will be one of the best years of fishing we will have here in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We caught a good mix of both browns and rainbows, which is always good to see, the Toccoa River seems to be in really good shape. We are firing on all cylinders and have the river dialed in right now, we would love to get you out on the water and let you experience fly fishing in Blue Ridge, Georgia KC Outfitters style with guides who will work hard to provide you with a day you won't forget.


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